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This socket can be used with AMD Athlon and Duron processors ranging in speed from 600 MHz to 2200 MHz (3200+) and with bus frequences ranging from 100 MHz to 200 MHz (400 MHz DDR). Blog All the main industrial socket and plug suppliers have been devoting to do research and development of this technology. AMD Socket AM2 Review « Icrontic The physical differences between Socket AM2 and 939 are not very obvious. Only one pin has been added for a total of 940 pins. How to design tools kit or socket sets? Tien-I design and supply the tool kit and socket set - Tien-I the professional socket set and tool kit Taiwan supplier and manufacturer

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what does ATX DIMM PCI ram cpu socket mean, our Glossary of Terms page ... The biggest difference between Slot 1 and Slot 2, though, is that the Slot 2 ... AMD's 'TR4' Threadripper CPU socket is gigantic | PCWorld

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whats the difference between socket A and slot A? - Ars ... I am planning on getting an AD11 mobo with a 1GHz Tbird but there are two versions, slot A and socket A. Whats the difference between a slot and a socket and wich is better? Coleman. What is the difference between a "socket" and "slot ... Slots are long and in the shape of a rectangle. Now a days slots are used for expansion cards, such as video and sound cards. Sockets are for processors and they are mostly squared shape. If you open up a computerI don't think you'll see the socket, because the processor chip is still plugged into the socket. Difference between slot and socket processors - slideshare.net

Jul 21, 2006 ... Socket 7, therefore, has 321 pins total in a 37x37 SPGA arrangement. The real difference with Socket 7 is not with the socket itself, but with the ...

What is the difference between a connector, jack, plug, and… Each socket supports a set of computer processors. For example, the Socket 370 is a socket that supported the first Intel Celeron processors and Coppermine processors.A slot is also a connection used with computers that can either describe a CPU slot or an expansion slot. Talk:CPU socket - Wikipedia 8 Difference between socket and slot.Also, the mounting positions for CPU fans and coolers being slightly different between socket types which forces the purchase of new heat sinks should also be noted. Difference between Intel socket A and socket 370. I'm able…